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Every year, students say their parents are the number one influencers in their decision about where to attend university or college*. Whether you see it or not, your student values your input, and wants your feedback on this very important decision. You can help your student determine what her or his priorities are in choosing an institution: What is most important—Size? Location? Fit with future plans? And then help your student keep that criteria in mind throughout the search process. 

Below are some tips to help you and your child in your future decision.

Choosing the Right Institution

Decide what you want in a college or university:
What atmosphere would you be happy in? What size of school interests you? What programs are you looking for? What extra-curricular activities do you want to do?

Find out what’s available:
Read institutional profiles on this site and complete a search on the home page.

Check out the schools listed in the Christian Higher Education Options magazine, published each spring and fall by Christian Info Society in Langley, BC or Faith Today's Jan/Feb edition.

Narrow you search:
Find the schools that are the closest match for your needs.
Explore the schools on your short-list extensively.
Check out their websites and promotional literature.
Talk to alumni, teachers, admissions counsellors, current students, etc.  Visit the campuses of the schools that interest you.


After research, prayer and seeking wise counsel, you’ll be ready to make your choice.






*Sensus Research Surveys, 2002-2004 

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