Grade 12 Timeline


Make sure you’re taking classes that will prepare you for post-secondary education.

Check out your options:
Meet with post-secondary representatives (often called admissions counsellors) who visit your school.

Attend a Christian College and University Fairs' event, where you can meet admissions counsellors from over 20 different schools.

Begin a file for each university or college you plan to apply to.  Keep all the information you receive in this file for quick reference.

Get ready for application time:
Request applications or download them from the web.
Request a transcript of your grades from your high school.
Ask your teachers and counsellors for recommendations.
Update your records of accomplishments, involvements, and work experiences.

October - November

Prepare your applications:
Short-list the schools that interest you the most.
Complete “early decision” and “early action” applications.
Write application essays.

Keep your options open:
Continue to meet with admission counsellors who visit your school.
Schedule campus visits to the universities or colleges that interest you the most.

Find out about financial aid:
Attend a financial aid seminar to learn more about loans, scholarships, campus work programs and more that can help lower the cost of your education.  Research local and national scholarships.


Because your high school will be closed during Christmas, make sure you obtain a copy of your transcript before the break.  Be sure to follow the applications instructions when requesting your transcripts.

January – April

Make sure you’ve sent all the necessary materials to your chosen universities and colleges.

Continue to search for scholarship opportunities.

Where applicable, begin to prepare for the May Advanced Placement (AP) Testing.

If you sent in your application for an “early application” date:
Watch for your acceptance letters.
Review the financial aid package you’ve been offered.

Keep your grades up! Universities and colleges want to see a strong second semester.


Complete the application process:
Send in deposits to the college or university you choose to attend. 

Thank teachers and counsellors who wrote letters of recommendation.

Notify universities and colleges you did not choose so they may offer acceptance to others.

Register for fall classes, if applicable.

Ask your high school to send a final transcript to the university or college you plan to attend, including your confirmation of graduation.

Take AP examinations (May) if applicable.


Work to save money towards university/college tuition and expenses.

Attend orientation meetings offered by your university or college.

Confirm that your university or college has received all the necessary deposits and information they need from you.

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